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Client Testimonials

“2019 was a truly great year for the Farley Music Festival, and CommunicationsPoint somehow managed to exceed the already very high standard of previous years with our publicity,”

Doric Bossom, Farley Music Festival Board Member

“Julian was HOSPA’s Press Officer for over ten years. He left us to concentrate on researching and writing a book, commissioned by one of his clients. CommunicationsPoint played a major role in the successful rebranding of the British Association of Hospitality Accountants into HOSPA; and the BAHA Annual Conference and Exhibition into HOSPACE in 2011.

“Julian was a great support to me personally when I took the role of CEO at HOSPA and always brightened my day with his jolly outlook on the world! He took time to make sure all our PR was accurate and relevant. I would recommend him highly.”

Jane Pendlebury, Chief Executive, HOSPA (Hospitality Professionals Association for Finance, Revenue Management, Marketing and IT)

“I would like to thank you at CommunicationsPoint very much indeed for all your efforts to ensure that the 2018 Farley Music Festival was such a resounding success. We had record numbers overall during the week, with each concert being attended by audiences in excess of 100 people.”


Michael Regan, Chairman of the Farley Music Festival


“Julian has been HOSPA’s Press and PR officer since 2007 and has been a key member of the team in helping BAHA, and then re-branded HOSPA, annual conference and exhibition (HOSPACE) grow into one of the most popular and influential events on the UK hospitality industry calendar. HOSPACE – our main event every year has more than doubled its attendance since 2006 when Julian started working with us.

In 2011, CommunicationsPoint also played a pivotal role in the highly acclaimed rebranding from BAHA to HOSPA which included the new website, branding, and collateral plus associated press and launch coverage – and now with its three Communities for Hospitality Finance, Revenue Management and IT professionals we go from strength to strength. Julian understands our business and the issues and topics we deal with and is a key part of our marketing and PR plans.”

Carl Weldon FIH, Chief Executive, HOSPA

(Hospitality Professionals Association for Finance, Revenue Management and IT)