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Salisbury Life Article 2014

Salisbury Life Article 2014

March 2015

Julian Demetriadi, Founder of the Salisbury Fringe, talks performances, Professor Fringenstein and distinguished ancestors…

Q. Where is home?
A. I live at the tweely named Buttercup Close in Harnham. This beautiful gated estate was built two years ago to complement the architectural style of next door St George’s Church – the oldest church in Salisbury

Q. Tell us the Salisbury fringe is all about…
A. New bite-sized plays, written by aspiring local writers and performed by professional actors in Salisbury’s pubs, clubs and cafes.

Q. How did you come up with the idea?
A. Whilst talking in Spring to  co-scripwriters in the pub after a Wednesday night ‘Scriptwriters’ Doo Dah’ session at Salisbury Arts Centre, brilliantly taught by Angela Street. I’ve always loved the Edingburgh Festival and suggested we did something similar in Salisbury for new writing, not only to get our short plays performed but also to make theatre more accessible and appealing to potential theatre goers in the city and surrounding area.

Q. What should Audiences Expect?
A. The audience should expect to gasp, laugh and cry – experiencing  every emotion as our exciting and though-provoking programmes of unmissable new short plays and monologues (all free of charge) will cover everything from comedy to tragedy!

Q. How does this year’s event differ from last year’s inaugural festival?
A. The 2013 Salisbury Fringe was the very first and we used just four Salisbury venues over the Saturday and Sunday. This year from 3-5 October, We’re using eight (including Cross Keys Shopping Centre, where crackpot scientist Professor Fringenstein will be entertaining children and their families) and we’ve extended the programme to cover Friday evening as well, with a fun-filled Fringe opening Comedy Night at the Chapel Nightclub!

Q. What’s been your greatest achievement?
A. Being married and totally besotted twice to two of the best and loveliest women a man could meet – my late wife Sue and my present wife Catherine!

Q. And the best piece of advice anyone’s ever given you?
A. Never judge a book by it’s cover

Q. What’s your favourite place in Salisbury?
A. Salisbury Cathedral

Q…. And local spots to eat and drink?
A. Cranes Wine Cafe, Cote Brasserie and the Old Mill in Harnham

Q. The best thing about Salisbury?
A. It’s more like a very friendly market town than a bustling city, the architecture is second to none and there’s so much going on – for example, I never dreamt that I could be taught to write a play and see it performed by professional actors!

Q…And the worst?
A. The lack of a really good concert hall in a city filled with so many amazing musicians and singers!

Q. What do you like doing in your spare time?
A. Eating, Cooking, hiking and travelling with my wife.

Q. Who would be your five dream dinner party guests (living or dead)?
A. Dame Judy Dench, Michael Palin, William Congreve (my playwrite ancestor), Audrey Hepburn and Bishop Desmond Tutu

Q. What are you reading at the moment?
A. The Transcendental murder by Jane Langton

Q. Surprise us…
A. In addition to running my PR consultancy, Communications Point, I’m a historian with a PhD in the decline of English and Welsh seaside resorts 1950 to 1974. My supervisor was the expert historian on fish and chips – seriously!

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