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Packed Houses for Salisbury Fringe Preview!

Packed Houses for Salisbury Fringe Preview!

May 2015

The Salisbury Fringe Festival 2015 got well and truly into gear with packed houses for Saturday night’s two Salisbury Fringe Preview performances of six new short plays by writers from the city and surrounding region – brilliantly directed by Andrew Thackeray and Pete Talman, and performed at The Cloisters pub by a cast of talented professional actors.

“It was yet another triumphant evening for the Salisbury Fringe,” said Fringe Festival Chairman Julian Demetriadi. “The six plays covered everything from the after-life and relationship issues, to young love and murder! It was a night for comedy, romance, philosophical observations and disturbing situations.

“The audience reaction to both performances was great and we look forward to putting on a similar evening at The Cloisters, as part of the 2015 Salisbury Fringe Festival – featuring bite-size plays in pubs and cafes – on 2, 3 and 4 October.

“As ever, we are very grateful to The Cloisters pub and restaurant in Catherine Street for being such an excellent, friendly and helpful venue for our exciting Preview event.”

The new plays, performed on Saturday, were: ‘Killjoy’ by Lesley Bates, starring Oliver Malam and Kerry Stockwell; ‘Fireworks’ by Lucy Bell, starring Sara Taylor and Joe Bossano; ‘Meat’ by Joe Ledbury, starring Holly Cassidy and Oliver Malam; ‘The Slipper Salesman’ by Linda Morse, starring Jan Wyld, Fraser Wilson and James Bradwell; ‘You Can Hide the Earth with Your Hand’ by Jon Nash, starring Iona Fleur Johnson and James Bradwell; and ‘Mortal Coils’ by Pete Talman, starring Kerry Stockwell and Fraser Wilson.

For updated details about the Salisbury Fringe Preview, and the 2015 Festival itself on 2, 3 and 4 October, visit the Salisbury Fringe website:

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