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PR vital to hospitality industry in winning back customers

PR vital to hospitality industry in winning back customers

July 2020

How ironic that it takes a pandemic to get the UK Government to recognize the importance of the hospitality industry to the nation’s economy.

In my long career as a hospitality trade journalist, editor and PR consultant I have been involved in countless campaigns to achieve the level of government recognition now finally enjoyed by the profession. Sadly, this has come at an enormous price and is the biggest challenge the hospitality industry and for that matter the country have faced in my lifetime. 

The hospitality profession has responded magnificently: everything from providing hotels for temporary hospitals and the homeless, to feeding front-line NHS staff, turning restaurants into take-away and food delivery services for local communities, and the invaluable work of the industry’s charity Hospitality Action.

Now it is facing the uphill task of recovering a semblance of the pre-lockdown normality, against a backdrop of consumer fear, potential COVID–19 spikes, further lockdowns, the worst recession in decades, and the very real risk of a no-deal Brexit. It is hardly a recipe for optimism!

Despite “unprecedented” government financial support, many hospitality businesses sadly have not survived the lockdown. It is increasingly clear that an effective COVID-19 vaccine is not going to happen overnight, so we are all going to have to learn to live and work under the COVID-19 shadow.

I am delighted to announce CommunicationsPoint is coming out of furlough and will be operating as normal from 1 August.  We have already been approached by a highly successful Scottish restaurant business that recognises the need to change the way it operates, in order to meet the demands of the post-lockdown world. The owners are passionate about the environment and safeguarding the future of the planet; their plans are based on supporting their local food- producing economy and encouraging sustainability.  More will be revealed in the coming months!

Now is the time to win back the confidence of a nervous public by reassuring them about the safety and quality of your business and how you are innovating to make their experience as memorable and normal as possible. PR plays a crucial role in getting this message across! We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in the difficult months ahead.

Out of darkness comes light and though we face a long uphill struggle, I am certain our great industry will come back stronger and fitter than ever.

Contact: Julian Demetriadi PhD FIH MHOSPA, Co-Director


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